Research Plus provides a powerful e-survey tool that allows our clients to leverage the Internet for market insights.

E-survey is a powerful and easy way for retailers to gain instantaneous feedback from customers. All responses are swiftly compiled and computed, providing a direct, real-time representation of the desires of clients. Merchants in fast-moving industries like F&B, retail and hospitality, etc. will find this insightful service of particular benefit and value.

Simply provide your customer mailing list and Research Plus will design and conduct the survey on your behalf, providing you invaluable customer feedback on which to build your strategies for success.


  • Fast deployment – fast response
  • Online questionnaire designed for maximum impact
  • Chinese text support
  • Versatility in question formats
    • Single choice answers
    • Multiple selection answers
    • Rank-order Scaling
    • Constant-sum Scaling
    • Matrix
    • Open-ended with rich-text box or standard box

Full Technical Support

  • Surveys are hosted on Research Plus' website
  • Dedicated hosting can be provided
  • Security and protection through proven and comprehensive INTERNET technology
  • High Availability Database Structure provided
  • Redundancy and high-load capable connectivity
  • Quick resolution of technical issues