Career Opportunities

HR Values

Our Human Resources policies motivate and reward, providing our people clear career pathways, effective training and development programmes, incentive reward schemes and work/life balance.

Training and Development

We employ talented, motivated individuals, willing and able to perform to the best of their abilities for the growth of the company and their own personal development.

We nurture that development through our Personal Development Cycle, a rewards–based programme designed to set an environment for continual learning and development.

Who We Seek

The Research Plus value is most clearly communicated to our clients and prospects through the best channel we have – our people. Complete fluency in the Research Plus Brand is required in order to provide a full flavoured experience of our unique and dynamic benefits. Accordingly, we seek alignment with a philosophy best described as Ready, Able and Willing.

  • Ready

    We consider readiness to be a state of assured, quiet confidence that can only be derived from a thorough understanding of the environment and its attendant factors. Understanding the demands and rewards of the research industry is crucial to forming the knowledge that research is time-critical, project driven and that it entails a focus on service and high performance. A thorough assimilation of Research Plus as a brand, personality and business, combined with the awareness to align life and career goals will lead to the pathway to success.

  • Able

    Ability can only be enhanced by the habit of constant learning. By regular re-assessment, we learn to see our strengths and weaknesses and identify the current extent of our skills. This allows us to map our way ahead, and recognise how we must improve in order to meet challenges and adapt to changes we will encounter in the process. With the practice of reflection, we also distil experience into valuable knowledge which is necessary for progress. Common sense, logic, self-learning, training and guidance, when applied, will improve and develop existing ability into future talent.

  • Willing

    In the service-driven environment of research, the willingness to serve is a great determinant of success. We know for a fact that will is but a matter of personal choice. This is why we choose to engage our passion for research by enjoying the process and embracing all challenges that present themselves. Every project is unique and deserves the attention and care that naturally comes when we adopt an attitude of curiosity and fun. Being willing to accept and adapt quickly to changes will eventually prove rewarding.


Job Openings

We are looking for independent, motivated and dynamic individuals to join our growing team in the following positions:

If you feel you fit the bill, we would love to hear from you. Send your resume to us at

Current Openings
Research Manager/Senior Research Analyst Singapore
Market Research Analyst Singapore
Market Research Assistant/Fieldwork Assistant Singapore
Administrative Support Officer Singapore
Data Processing Officer Singapore